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Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are known as third molars that come in between the ages of 16 and 25. Many people develop wisdom teeth without any issue but if left alone they may cause problems later in life including partial eruption, imp-actions, lack of space, and cleaning issues.

Problems caused by wisdom teeth

The partial eruption occurs when your teeth do not fully emerge from your gum. This can be a very painful process that traps bacteria and may eventually lead to an infection underneath your jaw bone.

Impaction happens with the tooth actually points the wrong way. If a tooth is pointed towards the front or back of your mouth, horizontally or vertically. An impaction can cause significant pain and possibly damage other teeth.

Lack of space means your mouth may not have enough room for more molars. If this is the case, then your molars will force other teeth to shift which can lead to misalignment of your jaw and teeth.

People often experience difficulty cleaning their wisdom teeth properly since they’re located at the very back of the jaw. Therefore wisdom teeth are more likely to decay and collect bacteria than any other tooth.

Dr. Benjamin Polan’s wisdom teeth examination and treatment

Your wisdom teeth can easily be checked during a regular dental appointment. Dentist Dr. Polan will provide an in depth examination of your teeth. If there is an issue, he will order x-rays for further clarification. The x-rays will show what’s happening under your gums, including any deterioration and decay.

If you are currently experiencing pain from your wisdom teeth, schedule an appointment right away. If wisdom teeth are not treated then the problem will only continue to worsen. It’s important to have your wisdom teeth checked so you can prevent future pain, infection, and discomfort.

Wisdom teeth removal is very common, but it can be complicated if your wisdom teeth are severely damaged. Beverly, MA dentist Dr. Benjamin Polan has the experience to know when the right time is to have your wisdom teeth removed, and will refer you to the best possible oral surgeon for the procedure.

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