There’s no reason that the price of dental fees should prevent you from getting the care you need to stay happy and healthy

Here at Exceptional Dental in Beverly MA, Dr. Ben Polan realizes that a trip to the dentist can cause your wallet a bit of anxiety, but by planning in advance there’s no reason to believe that you can’t afford the dental care you need.

We care about your oral health, and we’re dedicated to giving you the best care we can for a reasonable price. That being said, dental treatments can be rather expensive. This is due mostly in part to the overhead expenses that dental practices incur, such reasons being:

  • Specialized equipment, such as dental chairs, x-ray and suction machines are expensive to buy, operate and maintain.
  • Our dedication to controlling infectious diseases means purchasing a lot of disposable items, like gloves, masks and needles.
  • Quality labs aren’t cheap. When it comes to the materials used in prosthetics, we don’t cut corners. We realize that prosthetics lacking in quality can cause pain and break.
  • The dental hygienists we hire are well-trained, qualified and personable. Quality comes with a price, but we believe that no shortcuts should be taken when it comes to your confidence, health and happiness.

Tips for finding affordable dental care

Proper dental care is a vital aspect in anyone’s life. Here are four tips you can use to gain access to the treatment you need:

  • Ask your employer if they offer any dental benefits.
  • If your employer doesn’t offer dental benefits, or if you’re self-employed, consider private dental care plans.
  • Look into getting a dental credit card. They allow you to easily finance your dental care.
  • Do some research into state and federal tax policies. Medical expensive can be deducted from taxes, but some rules do apply. The following website can aid you when tax time comes:

Get the Dental Financing Plan That Best Suits You

Exceptional Dental in Beverly offers various dental financing options. One method you might consider is a dental credit card. We work with dental credit card companies who make dental care financing affordable by way of dental credit cards.

Care Credit is a credit card that is suited for your beauty and health needs. As opposed to other credit cards, the Care Credit card offers special financing every time you use it.

Click here for more information on Care Credit.

Receive Affordable Dental Financing in Beverly

Here at Exceptional Dental, quality dental treatment is what we’re committed to. Our prices are based on the quality of our equipment and the expertise and training of our employees. It’s of great importance to us that the cost of your treatment feels comfortable to you.

To help ensure that your treatments at Exceptional Dental aren’t a worry, we’d be happy to help assist you in planning a financing program for whatever your budget might be. With all of the available options, we can help take some of the stress out of your search for quality dental care.



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