Dr. Benjamin Polan has over 38-years of experience in general and cosmetic dentistry. Also specializing in sleep dentistry, Dr. Polan is a Diplomat wit the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and a member of AADSM (American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine).  

Dr. Polan earned his B.A. from Connecticut College in 1975, majoring in Chemistry and Music History. He earned his Master’s degree in chemistry from Georgetown University and graduated from Boston University Henry M Goldman School of Dental Medicine in 1981. 

After practicing for many years, Dr. Polan attended the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, achieving a graduate certificate in the Full Mouth Rehabilitation program. 

Dr. Polan is married to Dr. Bonnie Polan, a professor of science and education, and has two children, a son in finance and a daughter who is an attorney. Dr. Polan currently resides on the north shore of Massachusetts and loves spending time with his family, including his Tibetan Terriers. 

Why The Butterfly Logo?

“There’s more possible than you think… Life-transformations, I see those happen all the time” -DR. BENJAMIN POLAN

Are you a caterpillar?

Keep your head down, don’t look anybody in the eye, just do whatever you can to get through the day – caterpillars live in a constant state of anxiety worrying about themselves and their surroundings. I see many people suffer a blow to their confidence due to oral health problems, TMJ pain, sleep disorders, and issues with their appearance and so they crawl through life the same way caterpillars do. However, caterpillars have an incredible evolutionary trait. They undergo metamorphosis, becoming an entirely new creature and gaining a plethora of new abilities along with a beautiful new appearance. Sounds pretty great right?

Change happens when you want it

Most people never even realize the potential they contain to undergo their own metamorphosis, but I strive to be an innovative dentist who opens the door to a life-altering transformation for you as well. I use a combination of aesthetic and neuromuscular dentistry as the ‘cocoon’ or ‘chrysalis’ stage, carefully guiding your transformation in both function and appearance. Just like for the caterpillars, a process like this takes time, effort, and patience to get the right results.

Become a butterfly

The freedom a butterfly must feel when first taking off is precisely what I wish for my patients to experience when completing their treatment. Shedding any old anxiety allows the patient to look to the skies with their head held high and gain a confidence they may never have known existed. Whether you’re stuck as a caterpillar due to appearance issues, TMJ pain, oral health problems or a sleep disorder, the first step to your metamorphosis is getting a thorough examination. Please let me help you become a “butterfly”.



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