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White fillings are the way to go in Beverly, MA with Dr. Benjamin Polan

Dental fillings… choose white fillings

For over a century, dentists used amalgam fillings to treat cavities. These fillings, made out of silver and mercury, provided a short-term solution to anyone suffering from painful cavity symptoms. It’s only recently that amalgam fillings have begun to be replaced by better alternatives, so if you’ve received a filling anytime within the last decade, it’s most likely amalgam.

Now that alternatives do exist, the majority of people opt to not have fillings made of dark (silver) mercury placed in their mouth. Whether the reason is a health concern or a simple cosmetic concern, new technology gives people the option of a beautiful, white, virtually unnoticeable restoration.

What’s wrong with amalgam fillings?

Since amalgam fillings are made from naturally malleable metal, they react to temperature changes, biting and chewing. This means the more you eat and drink the more the filling bends and expands. Amalgam is four times more flexible than your tooth, which means it adjusts more radically to constant changes. Over time, frequent expanding and contracting can lead to small gaps between the filling and your tooth, allowing decay causing bacteria and food particles to sneak in.

Get the power of a bright, white smile

Thanks to years of study and research, dentists can now offer dental fillings that are more effective and look significantly better than traditional fillings. Dr. Benjamin Polan in Beverly, MA offers two different types of restoration materials:

  • Porcelain is beautiful, highly durable and generally created in our labs. There is much less removal of tooth structure with porcelain fillings (onlays), thus making it a more conservative procedure. The porcelain is actually bonded to the tooth rendering it almost as strong as the original tooth. Porcelain is used to repair teeth that have broken or when teeth have large, cracked, metal fillings.
  • Composite material is a tooth colored plastic that can be placed in one visit. Generally, composite is fine for small restorations, and is an excellent alternative to mercury fillings.

Why are these materials superior to traditional dental fillings?

As opposed to traditional fillings, white fillings are designed to match your teeth. They blend with your natural coloration to be as discreet as possible and seamlessly integrate with your smile. Since amalgam fillings are made of approximately 50 percent mercury, there is widespread concern overpotential mercury contamination. This risk is completely negated by modern fillings, which also offer better overall protection from gaps or holes since they seal more firmly than amalgam.

Bright, beautiful, exceptional protection

Engineered for safety, composite or porcelain fillings can be tailored to meet your specific needs. When you need a cosmetic dentist who understands your medical and aesthetic needs, turn to Dr. Benjamin Polan. With years of experience and a commitment to providing outstanding service, he’s the dentist in Beverly, MA who you can trust to offer safe, effective and affordable white dental fillings.

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