Smile Makeover

Get a smile makeover from dentist Dr. Benjamin Polan in Beverly, MA

Why be embarrassed of your smile?

A dazzling smile has the ability to brighten up any room, but tooth and gum issues can quickly turn your smile into a source of shame. A complete dental makeover by Dr. Benjamin Polan, a dentist in Beverly, MA will enhance your smile and improve your oral health through the restoration of damaged and missing teeth. Cosmetic dentistry brings your muscles and bite back to a natural position, relieving strain and beautifying your smile.

Go extreme with your dental makeover

If you’re self-conscious about the look of your teeth, then a full mouth makeover may be the answer you’re searching for. Through porcelain restoration, a makeover fixes rotten teeth, replaces fillings and crowns, and realigns your bite to improve the overall appearance of your teeth, smile, and face.

An experienced dentist such as Dr. Benjamin Polan utilizes the latest techniques and equipment, ensuring that his patients get the most effective possible dental makeover within the least amount of time. Without the latest equipment, patients would need to come back for several visits, upping the amount of time required and the costs along with it.

Increase your oral health with a dental makeover

Older techniques duplicate unbalanced bites and do not improve your face’s overall appearance. Aged teeth can make your face look older, and extensive tooth restoration can improve your overall oral health by replacing any broken or missing teeth. Cosmetic dentistry improves misaligned jaws and overlapping teeth with porcelain veneers, minimizing muscle and jaw pain. Upon completion of the procedure, you can retain your healthy smile by cleaning your teeth daily and avoiding hard foods. With extensive training in teeth restoration and neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Ben Polan in Beverly, MA utilizes advanced computer neuromuscular technology to restore your smile while establishing a balanced jaw position for a comfortable bite. Getting full mouth restoration can provide you and your smile with new opportunities in life to grow healthier and happier.

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