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Multi-purpose mouth guards

Mouthguards are dental coverings that are worn over your teeth to protect mainly from sports injuries and night-time grinding. Mouthguards usually cover a person’s upper teeth only, but in some cases they can be made to protect a person’s lower teeth too.

By talking with a dentist such as Dr. Benjamin Polan you can find out what type of mouthguard would work best for you. A mouth guard should resist tears, be comfortable and durable, be easy to clean, and shouldn’t hinder your speech or restrict your breathing.

Different types of Mouthguards

Stock mouth protectors are store bought and ready to wear. The fit might be questionable, but they’re fine for short-term use. Boil-and-bite mouth protectors are made from moldable thermoplastic to create a tighter fit. Mouthguards can be a preventative measure during sports activities because accidents can happen at any time during aggressive physical activities. Mouthguards can also be worn if a person wears braces, this can be especially helpful should a person suffer an injury to his or her face whilst braces are installed. For those who grind their teeth at night, a special custom mouthguard can be created to prevent damage to a person’s teeth. Mouthguards can be used by anyone; especially those who do football, boxing, ice hockey and any other kind of contact sport. Children and adults who grind their teeth at night may want to wear a nocturnal bite plate in order to prevent wear and tear to their teeth.

Looking after your Mouthguard

There are certain simple steps you should take in order to care for your mouthguard such as rinsing your mouth guard with cold water or a dental rinse before and after each use, keeping your mouth guard in a firm container when storing or transporting it, protecting it from hot water, hot surfaces or direct sunlight, checking it now and then for wear and having your dentist check it out during each dental exam. Talk with Beverly, MA dentist Dr. Benjamin Polan about the advantages and benefits of a mouthguard. Find out how they vary in comfort and flexibility and how they can keep your teeth healthy and protected.



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