Broken Teeth

Local dentist Dr. Benjamin Polan saves Beverly, MA from broken teeth

Broken teeth? Get the smile you deserve

Broken teeth are the most common reason for people to hide their smile. Having a cracked or broken smile is a huge blow to a person’s confidence. Alongside this, it’s often a source of intense pain as your teeth can shift to cover a gap, and if left untreated a break or crack can even develop painful infections. These infections can start in your tooth area, but given time they can and will affect the rest of your body as well.

Beyond physical changes, broken and cracked teeth can be difficult to clean. Improperly cleaning your damaged tooth can lead to decay, which can spread throughout other neighboring teeth.

Treatment options for broken or cracked teeth

The pain from broken and cracked teeth can easily ruin a good night’s sleep or keep you away from social events. Toothache may be temporarily relieved with painkillers, but the pain is guaranteed to reappear. Get the treatment you need and say yes to a confident and painless smile. Some individuals have opted to have a root canal for their broken or cracked teeth. After the root canal has been completed, a crown may have been placed over the broken tooth. A crown that has been placed improperly will cause your tooth to become more brittle, which can eventually lead to tooth rot.

Local Beverly, MA dentist Dr. Benjamin Polan has the experience to repair any broken or cracked teeth, alleviate the pain caused by them, and even restore your lost confidence. Get the smile that you deserve while putting an end to the almost unbearable pain caused by your broken or cracked tooth.

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