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What Causes Bad Breath?

If you’re experiencing bad breath in your daily life from intense physical activity or food intake, it’s time to give it some serious thought.

Bad breath is often ignored. Popping a mint might seem like the most convenient way to control bad breath, but it does nothing to control the actual issue. Bad breath is your body’s alarm system for telling you something is amiss, and will worsen over time if no action is taken.

Poor oral maintenance. Ever thought to yourself that you have no time for oral maintenance? You’re not alone! Most people consider themselves to be living an increasingly improvident lifestyle, leaving them no time to brush and floss twice daily, and definitely no time to visit the dentist twice per year. The perfect lifestyle for spawning various tooth and gum conditions.

Bad habits such as eating stinky food, drinking alcohol regularly, or smoking can also be triggers for bad breath. Symptoms can last for years if left untreated and the intensity will vary from patient to patient, some just experiencing a mildly unpleasant taste while others can attribute it to trouble sleeping.

Treatment for Bad Breath in Beverly MA

If regular oral hygiene is maintained and bad breath persists for more than one week, there is more than likely an underlying issue. For people with no physical symptoms, bad breath is considered a warning signal which should be relayed immediately to your dentist. Early determination of the source will allow your dentist to provide relief and help you to undertake appropriate treatment to minimize the impact of the underlying cause.

Take Action

Don’t endure the uncomfortability of bad breath, and if you know somebody with bad breath then don’t be afraid to get involved. Make sure you level with your dentist about your habits and any other obstacles you’ve encountered with other treatments.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions at the office and be sure to understand what’s being done and why. Dentist Dr. Benjamin Polan in Beverly MA will help you manage bad breath and propose therapies which are right for you. Visiting the dentist is not only recommended for individuals with bad breath, it’s a critical step on the road to recovery.

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