TMJ Surgery Cost

TMJ Surgery Cost

How do I recognize TMJ?

The TMJ is a vital joint that is necessary for your mouth’s function. In scientific terms, the joint that controls the function of the jaw is known as the “temporomandibular joint.”

This joint allows you to open and close your mouth properly. Unfortunately, when the function of this joint is impaired, you are prone to suffering both physical pain and cosmetic issues.

Common symptoms

TMJ and the problems associated with the disorder are not uncommon. The most prominent symptoms are pain when opening and closing the mouth and/or hearing a grinding noise in the jaw joint.

The issue with TMJ is that finding the cause can be difficult, but it still necessary to find the source so that the disorder may be corrected. If you have tried simple solutions such as tooth restoration, oral splits, and/or teeth therapy with no avail, then TMJ surgery is necessary and some cases, it can be used to restore your jaw function to normal and also mitigate your pain.

The causes of TMJ are numerous. A few of the most common causes are arthritis, injury, or constant teeth grinding while sleeping. An additional cause that should invoke the most alarm and which requires surgery is an unbalanced bite. Getting surgery will realign you jaw with ease your pain and also give you a cosmetic improvement.

How will TMJ surgery benefit me?

Aside from easing your pain and cosmetically enhancing the alignment of your jaw, there are many other benefits that are great reasons as to why you should seriously consider surgery. In terms of physical relief and an enhanced daily routine, you will be able to enjoy easier biting and chewing, end excessive wear and tear of your teeth, and gain relief from sleep apnea.

TMJ surgery also has the added benefit of cosmetic enhancements. You will be able to improve facial imbalances such as a deficient chin, under-bite, over-bite, and cross-bite. In addition, facial symmetry to the middle and lower facial area will be restored.

The most significant cosmetic benefit however, is the improvement of your smile. If you are suffering from lips that do not fully close or that pull upward when you grin, or if you have a “toothless” smile that covers all of your teeth, TMJ surgery can correct these issues, giving you the smile that you deserve.

Because it is vital to treat serious cases of TMJ sooner than later, it is important to also consider using the right practitioner.

Dr. Polan, a TMJ dentist at Exceptional Dental, is an excellent choice. He has been practicing dentistry for a span of 25 years after receiving his dental degrees from Boston University’s Goldman School of Dentistry and the prestigious Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies.

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