TMJ Headaches & Migraines

TMJ Headaches and Migraines? Wake up from the nightmare with Dr. Benjamin Polan in Beverly, MA

TMJ Can Cause migraines or headaches

Suffering from chronic headaches and migraines is a waking nightmare, especially when nothing you do seems to help. This is commonly the case when people are actually suffering from a TMJ problem, which appears to be completely unrelated. The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, is the point at which your lower jaw connects to the rest of your skull. It may seem rather inconsequential, but in reality a misaligned TMJ can cause numerous health problems, especially chronic headaches and migraines.

How can my jaw cause my TMJ headaches & migraines?

When the TMJ is misaligned the muscles around your mouth, lips, tongue, and teeth tighten and strain to compensate and adjust for the misalignment. When the tightening of the muscles around the TMJ start to affect the nerves running around your facial organs it can cause severe headaches or migraines, in addition to other painful symptoms.

Some may feel that their headaches are due to stress or tension, especially if they’re dealing with problems at work, poor sleep, or other stressful situations. For this reason, they often spend far too much time trying to medicate with painkillers when they should be contacting their dentist for procedures that can help realign their jaws and ease their symptoms.

If you suffer from chronic daily headaches or migraines, contact a TMJ dentist such as Dr. Benjamin Polan in Beverly, MA to see if your TMJ could use a readjustment. Any TMJ problems you might be having may include various other symptoms, so be sure to let your dentist know exactly where the pain is, its duration and frequency, and any problems or discomfort you may be having with your jaw.

Treat your TMJ and eliminate your headaches

If you’re suffering from TMJ pain or fatigue, clicking in your jaw, and headaches or migraines, book a consultation with Dr. Benjamin Polan in Beverly, MA. A qualified and caring TMJ dentist can help ease your symptoms with a series of tailored treatments that can eliminate the pain for good, allowing for permanent and sometimes immediate relief. Nobody should need to suffer from a misaligned TMJ which is completely out of their control.

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